Optional installations

Image chart support with ChartDirector

The myDBR Premium version of myDBR includes a license for the commercial ChartDirector charting module from Advanced Software Engineering. The benefit of using the ChartDirector instead of the flash chart module that ships with myDBR is the ability to produce the pictures without client-side Flash plugin, support for more chart types, better support for printing and iPhone / iPod touch support for charts.

Both image and flash charts can be used simultaneously. Image and flash charts share the same syntax in myDBR, so you can choose which one to use without changes to the actual report code.

To make best use of the myDBR Premium version download your copy of ChartDirector for PHP package from the Advanced Software Engineering's website and follow the instructions. Once you have installed ChartDirector to your system, myDBR recognizes it and you can set it as a preferred charting module (see Environmental settings). The installation instructions are included in the download and you will find them also online.

wkhtmltopdf - recommended

myDBR supports wkhtmltopdf if installed on the server. wkhtmltopdf uses the Webkit rendering engine to convert content to PDF. Using wkhtmltopdf enables pixel-perfect PDF reports generated on the server.

To install wkhtmltopdf, follow the instructions on the wkhtmltopdf website. wkhtmltopdf will be installed as a command line tool and should be found in the PHP path. If it cannot be added to a PATH variable, a direct link to the command can be given in mydbr/user/defaults.php by setting the $mydbr_defaults['export']['wkhtmltopdf']['command'] variable to a full path to the command.

Example if wkhtmltopdf is not found in PHP's PATH:

$mydbr_defaults['export']['wkhtmltopdf']['command'] = '"C:\Program Files (x86)\wkhtmltopdf\wkhtmltopdf.exe"';

Once you have installed wkhtmltopdf to the server, go to 'Environment settings' and see the 'Installed modules' if PHP is able to see the program. If not, you may need to define the full path to the command in $mydbr_defaults.

myDBR will check for existence of wkhtmltopdf once when user logs in. If you want to disable the check you can tell myDBR that wkhtmltopdf is installed, by setting following into user/defaults.php:

$mydbr_defaults['export']['wkhtmltopdf']['skip_version_check'] = array(
'wkhtmltopdf_exists' => true,
'wkhtmltopdf_version' => '0.12.5'

You can also skip the version check if wkhtmltopdf is not installed. Use definition:

$mydbr_defaults['export']['wkhtmltopdf']['skip_version_check'] = array(
'wkhtmltopdf_exists' => false,
'wkhtmltopdf_version' => ''

Graphviz support

Graphviz adds support for the hierarchical and network charts. In order to take advantage of Graphviz charts, the Graphviz software needs to be installed into the server.

  1. Graphviz Download and install the latest Graphviz support from https://www.graphviz.org/download/ for your environment.
  2. Command path If myDBR tells you that the Graphviz commands (dot/neato) cannot be found, you can define the path to them in user/defaults.php
    $mydbr_defaults['graphviz']['command_path'] = '/opt/local/bin/';
    for your environment.