Manage reports

Full report usage logs

myDBR offers full report execution logs. Find out which reports are
used most. Find out who is using the reports and when they are using them.
Also find out which reports are inactive.

M Measure

Report performance

To help to understand how your reports perform in real life with real data, myDBR
provides you report performance statistics. When your data grows, number of your users grow and you have increasing number of reports,
you need to stay in control of your reports.

With myDBR you’ll get full statistics on reports, execution time for each report, execution time for given parameter sets.
Spot the problems before your users do.

Manage users

Automated access control

Access S

One of the costs involved when maintaining a reporting system is the effort needed to determine who has rights
to which particular report and which data users are allowed to see. This task is not only done when the reports are
authored, but it needs to be maintained throughout the report’s life cycle.

With myDBR’s data-driven, dynamic access control mechanism you can automate the access control maintenance.
By dividing the access control to separate layers (depending on organizational needs) and binding the user’s access rights
to the data itself, the access control can be automated.

myDBR determines and actively manages access rights to the users. Users are presented only the reports they have access to.
The view is dynamically updated when the configuration and/or data is changed.