Mobilize your data. At no cost.

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With myDBR’s automatic mobile support (with optimized UI for all major mobile platforms iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry), you can be mobile with the familiar user interface. All your reports are fully mobile ready with no extra effort. Go mobile with your data!

Mobile optimizations done by myDBR

myDBR delivers mobile optimized content to the device. myDBR takes care of the different technical aspects
of the mobile device (different screen sizes, available browser plugins, input method, local storage availability etc) and
delivers the same content, with native user interface, to the user.

No additional costs for mobility!

myDBR offers the same functionality for mobile access as it does to the desktop user. No additional investments
or development actions are involved. Exactly the same reports, with no additional work, are available to
mobile users. Since myDBR offers the data through standard web-browser, no client
installations or setups are needed.

Secure access


Since myDBR delivers reports through web-interface, even if the device is lost, security is not compromised.

Benefits of mobile access

Your data should be accessible wherever you are. With myDBR’s mobile support your data is
available to you all the time.

With mobile access to your data you can respond faster to business opportunities, stay always informed and have
all the information with you, even if you are not at the office.

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