Push Notification extension

With the Push Notification extension, you can send Push Notifications to your iOS, Android, or Desktop devices. With this, you can trigger alerts/notifications for important things happening in your system. You can do this both in interactive reports and in Scheduled reports.

Following Push Notification services are supported (you need to download the respective app to your device from the app store):


The configuration is done via user/extension_init.php. The $mydbr_push array contains the 'sender' key which marks the default service you are going to use (you can override it in a report using dbr.push.options). For Pushover, you will need an app/access token that identifies you as a sender.

$mydbr_push = array( 
  'sender'  => "pushover", // Default sender: pushover, prowl
  'pushover_app_api_token'  => "APP_TOKEN"


dbr.push - Send a push message
dbr.push.sender - Choose another sender than the one defined in $mydbr_push init
dbr.push.option - Set a service-specific option
dbr.push.notify_successful_push - Disable the "Push message sent" message
dbr.push.log.proc - Log the push message activity to database
dbr.push.debug - Show status for each message sent


select 'dbr.push';
select 'dbr.push.sender', 'pushover' | 'prowl'
select 'dbr.push.option', 'option', 'value'
select 'dbr.push.notify_successful_push', 0
select 'dbr.push.log.proc', 'sp_log_stored_procedure'
select 'dbr.push.debug', 1

Options for Pushover:

If not provided in $mydbr_push
Your user's device name to send the message directly to that device, rather than all of the user's devices
A supplementary URL to show with your message
A title for the URL
send as -2 to generate no notification/alert, -1 to always send as a quiet notification, 1 to display as high-priority and bypass the user's quiet hours, or 2 to also require a confirmation from the user
A Unix timestamp of your message's date and time to display to the user, rather than the time your message is received by our API
The name of one of the sounds supported by device clients to override the user's default sound choice

Options for Prowl: providerkey', 'priority', 'application

Your provider API key. Only necessary if you have been whitelisted
-2: Very Low, -1: Moderate, 0: Normal, 1 High, 2 Emergency
The name of your application or the application generating the event


Send a notification when the sender is defined

select 'dbr.push';

select 'John.Doe@gmail.com', 'Sales exceed $1M', 'Check the latest sales figures https://company.com/mydbr/report';

Define a sender and options

/* Send HTML mail */
select 'dbr.push';
select 'dbr.push.option', 'device', 'phone';
select 'dbr.push.option', 'sound', 'magic';
select 'dbr.push.log.proc', 'sp_mail_log';
select 'dbr.push.notify_successful_push', 0;
select 'dbr.push.sender', 'popover';

select 'us2e8xm87wiiba4s6vb3ik68pmqpfr', 'Title', 'Message body';