SMS extension

With SMS extension you can send an SMS (text messages) to mobile phones. myDBR currently supports sending SMS via Clickatell. Before you can send SMS you need to sign up for an account with Clickatell.


Created an HTTP API integration in Clickatell Platform and add your Clickatell apiKey definition to user/extension_init.php:

    $mydbr_sms = array( 
    	'sender'  => "clickatell",
    	'apiKey'  => "your_api_key"


dbr.sms - Send SMS


select 'dbr.sms', {optional simulate flag: 1 for simulating sending}

When simulating the sending, the Clickatell URL is displayed and the actual sending is not done.


Sending SMS

select 'dbr.sms';

select phone_nr, message
from mydbr.sms_recipients;