myDBR License

myDBR requires a license for each myDBR installation. The myDBR server is identified by its hostname/installation path. You can get the license from myDBR shop.

Requesting a license

You can request new licenses and manage your existing licenses from the myDBR shop. myDBR will automatically provide you with a link to request a license if it cannot find a valid license for your server.

Once you have received your license via e-mail, copy the text between the --- clip lines to the setup screen or the Licenses tab of myDBR.

If myDBR does not accept your new license, ensure you have updated myDBR to the latest version. See Update myDBR for more info. myDBR licenses are always generated for the latest version.

How many licenses do I need?

You will need a separate license for each myDBR instance you are running.

Let's assume that you have installed myDBR on your workstation, so you would usually access the solution via the URL https://localhost/mydbr. Therefore you will need a license for the domain localhost. If you then deploy myDBR to your production server with the URL you would need another license for the domain

Information contained in the license

The license you receive via e-mail contains the following information:

The name of the person to whom the license is registered
The e-mail address of the owner
The hostname under which myDBR is accessed. If you have myDBR installed at the host is If you are using a nonstandard port, include the port to the hostname.
The name of the company where myDBR is installed
The type of database used
The date when the license expires, in YYYY-MM-DD format. For example, 2010-11-30 means 30th November 2010
The type of license
The minimum version of myDBR required to use this license. If your installed myDBR version is too old, you will need to update first
The license key generated for you by the myDBR Team

A license looks like this:

----- clip
owner=John Smith
company=My Company Ltd.
----- clip