Report access rights

myDBR maintains the report access rights based on the assigned rights. An access right for the report can be set to an individual user, to all, or to a group maintained inside myDBR. Also, a report can be set accessible without the need to log in.

Access rights are determined under a report's 'edit' link.

All logged-in users

Every user who is logged in can run the report.

Access without login allowed via direct URL

Anyone how knows the report's direct URL can view the report. Login is not required. For more details see direct URL

Individual users

Individual users are the users in the particular database.

Groups inside myDBR

In myDBR preferences, one can maintain a set of groups and assign Individual users to the group. These groups are static groups in terms of users who belong to the group.

Identifying the user running the report

myDBR keeps track of which username/password each connection was made to the database. If you need to know who is the user executing the report, you can add the automatic parameter "inLogin varchar(128)" to the report and myDBR will fill it automatically to contain the user's username.

The variable name (inLogin) is defined in defaults.php if you wish to change it.

The following report outputs the user's login name. No parameters are asked when the user runs the report.

create procedure sp_DBR_WhoAmI( inLogin varchar(128) )

select 'User running the report is: ', inLogin;


Showing report privileges at one glance

Adding &priv=1 to the URL in the main view lists the report privileges at one glance.