myDBR gathers statistics on the reporting activity. The following information is stored:

The statistics are stored in the database table mydbr_statistics. The pre-installed reports sp_DBR_StatisticsSummary and sp_DBR_StatisticsReport use this table for the reports. The administrator can freely create new reports based on the data.

An administrator can/should use this information for

The administrator's 'Statistics summary' report (sp_DBR_StatisticsSummary) provides information on the most active users, most active reports, and the slowest reports.

The 'Statistics for a report' report (sp_DBR_StatisticsReport) provides information on an individual report. It is used as a drill-down report for the 'Statistics summary'-report and behind the main screens Show Report Statistics button ( ).

Statistics without run end time are reports whose execution has failed.

Disabling statistics/defining your own statistics routine

You can disable statistics (for example if you are running myDBR on read-only mode) by adding following line to :

$mydbr_defaults['statistics']['enabled'] = false;

The statistics routines in myDBR is defined in $mydbr_defaults['statistics']. If you want to create your own routines, take a look at the default ones and create your won based the defaults and change the $mydbr_defaults['statistics']['start'] and $mydbr_defaults['statistics']['end'] definitions.

The myDBR version 6.1 added the cache parameter to the end-report. In order to keep compatibility with old user defined end-reports, myDBR will add the cache parameter only when the end-report is the myDBR's default one or when $mydbr_defaults['statistics']['include_cache_param_to_user_defined_end_call'] is set to true.