Demo / Localization


Here you can install/remove the demo reports. Demo reports are installed into a separate folder and will not interfere with your own reports.


The localization option and allows you to localize myDBR to your own language. myDBR will by default offer both application (user interface elements like texts, buttons, menus, etc.) and reports based on the user's locale (browser setting) if localization for that language exists. You can create multilingual reports which offer texts/formatting for the user's locale.

To localize myDBR do the following:

  1. Create a locale file into mydbr/interface/languages. You can take en_US.php as a basis. You can see available locales from myDBR (select * from mydbr_languages)
  2. Translate the texts in the locale file. If you do not translate all the texts, remove the non-translated items. myDBR will use default language texts for the non-translated texts
  3. Make sure your localization file has the same permissions as the ones supplied by myDBR
  4. Include the language into the active languages from under Environment settings/Formatting defaults/Language
  5. Check that your added language has defined formatting options in the mydbr_languages-table

If you create a localization file, please consider sharing it with others by sending it to It will then be added as part of the official build.