myDBR users

When myDBR is selected as the authentication method, user logins and passwords are defined here.

  • Login - the login name user uses when (s)he logs in
  • User's name - Real life name for the user
  • Password - Password used
  • Is admin - Determines whether the user is allowed to maintain myDBR reports

Logins are stored in the table mydbr_userlogin. The password stored is using the phpass-algorithm (bcrypt) compatible with newer PHP's password_hash-function.

Importing users from another system

To import large numbers of users into the myDBR user repository, you can import them directly into the mydbr_userlogin table. The password can be either an MD5 hash from the password or a password generated by PHPass. MD5-hashed passwords are automatically converted to salted ones once the password is changed.

insert into mydbr_userlogin( user, password, name, admin )
values ('newuser', md5('password'), 'New User', 0 );

From myDBR 4.0 onwards passwords are stored as salted passwords using PHPass PHPass.