Keyboard shortcuts

The default keymap is described below. If you are using Mac, use Cmd instead of Ctrl.

Keycode Action
Ctrl-A Select all
Ctrl-Home Go to the start of the document
Ctrl-Left Go to start of the line
Ctrl-Backspace Delete to the beginning of the line
Ctrl-F Find
Ctrl-G Find next
Ctrl-U Undo selection
Ctrl-Alt-F Search / Replace
Alt-F Go to word right
Ctrl-V Page down
Alt-D Delete world right
Ctrl-Space Autocomplete
Tab Indent more
Shift-Tab Indent less
Esc Exit fullscreen
Ctrl-S Save to a local file
Ctrl-E Execute SQL
Ctrl-M (Sublime Text Ctrl-Alt-M), same in Mac Insert myDBR command


Simple macros can be defined in mydbr/. Following macros have been defined in defaults.php

Keycode Action
Ctrl-Alt-S select-clause
Ctrl-I if-clause
Ctrl-Alt-I if-else-clause
Ctrl-Alt-W while-clause

Autocomplete table columns

The editor performs autocompletion to complete the SQL table/view columns. To take advantage of this, use the editor preferences to mark the databases which are to be auto-completed. To get the suggestions, create the first select query with a from-clause and use either the table name or the table alias in the select-line.