Create reports with myDBR

myDBR is a web based reporting system for relational databases. It allows you to build a manageable and scalable reporting environment. myDBR utilizes the database system’s existing features (stored procedures) to author the reports.

Reports can be authored using any common tools already familiar to developers, making report authoring productive from day one.

On top of the basic functionality, myDBR provides very easy to use wizard-based system for product’s reporting features (subtotals, formatting, charts, layout etc). Report authors can enable the features with just a click of a mouse.

Users using the system need only a standard web browser, no additional software is needed for the clients.

Automated layouts – a productivity boost

myDBR automatically creates layouts for the reports allowing user to skip altogether the often time-consuming report layout creation.

myDBR uses the metadata directly from the database system to automatically create the layout and format the report data content. This allows the report author to concentrate fully on the business logic.

Automatic layout allows also creation of fully dynamic reports where structure of the report may change based on the data.

Feature rich reporting

myDBR’s rich feature set is designed to enhance productivity.

  • Table reports

    Table reports

    By default, myDBR displays the data in table report form. Table reports are simple elements displaying the data in tabular form.

    User is able to sort, filter and page the data in the table.

  • Cross-Tab reports

    Cross-Tab reports

    In cross-tab, myDBR turns the table report into a cross-tab form. Cross-tab reports are ideal of turning sequential data into readable form.

    Creating cross-tab requires only one command

  • Extensive Charting

    Extensive Charting

    myDBR includes extensive charting capabilities for visualizing data. Charts can easily be transposed without complex query alterations.

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  • Styles


    myDBR automatically formats your data based on the data content and the theme selected.

    On top of this you can use the global styles to format individual element on the reports.

  • Grouping


    With grouping myDBR allows to organize tabular reports by defining break points in the data.

    Grouping can have multiple levels allowing one easily to do summary rows.



    Want to add aggregate calculation to a report column? Simply check the box and let myDBR handle the calculation.

  • Dynamic User Parameters

    Dynamic User Parameters

    myDBR automatically detects report parameters to be asked from the user and offers suitable template for each parameter.

    User parameters can be assigned to popups, radio buttons, Ajax-autocomplete fields with default values.

  • External Data Support

    External Data Support

    With myDBR, you can link any external data accessible with browser into the report.

    Include image from your product catalog, put your latest Google spreadsheet in.

    Your choice.

  • Export your data

    Export your data

    myDBR allows the user to export the data for further processing.

    Reports can be exported to various formats (Excel, PDF, XML, CSV, SQL, JSON etc).

  • Graphviz support

    Graphviz support

    With AT&T's Graphviz support myDBR allows you to visualize complex graphs directly from your data.

    You can also link new reports to the graph elements, export Graphviz source and much more.

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  • Google maps support

    Google maps support

    With Google Maps mashup support, you can generate a map based on your data with just a single command.

    Simple way to visualize location of your customers, suppliers etc.

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