myDBR offers an extension API for your disposal. With the extension API you can
seamlessly add new commands and functionality as needed on top of the myDBR core.

Extensions can be written in standard PHP language. myDBR takes care of the hard work and provides an easy API for you.
Example extensions with full source code is included.

Sample extensions included

  • Google Maps – allows use Google Maps with your data
  • HERE Maps – allows use Nokia’s HERE Maps with your data
  • Mail – allows to send your reports as mail
  • Organization chart – Build organization charts from your data
  • D3.js chart – Allows to use dynamic D3.js charts to visualize your data
  • SMS – Send your report data as SMS
  • Passthrough – manipulate your data using PHP before sending it back to myDBR
  • Push Notification – send push notifications to iOS and Android devices

Don’t stop here

With example code included, you can extend myDBR functionality.