Create reports with myDBR

myDBR is a web-based reporting system designed for relational databases, offering a manageable and scalable reporting environment. Utilizing the database system’s existing features, such as stored procedures, myDBR allows authors to create reports using familiar tools, ensuring productivity from day one. The reporting features, including subtotals, formatting, charts, and layout, can be quickly enabled with just a single line of code. Users can access the system using a standard web browser, with no additional software required for clients.

Automated layouts – a productivity boost

myDBR automatically creates report layouts, eliminating the often time-consuming process of manual layout creation for users. By utilizing metadata directly from the database system, myDBR automatically generates the layout and formats the report data content. This enables the report author to focus entirely on the business logic. Moreover, the automatic layout feature allows the creation of fully dynamic reports, where the report’s structure can change based on the data.

Feature-rich reporting

myDBR’s rich feature set is designed to enhance your productivity.