Web reporting with myDBR

myDBR web reporting supports full range of features for creating and maintaining a complete web-based reporting environment. Even most complex reports can be authored with ease. myDBR automates most of the work needed on traditional reporting systems (layout creation, styles, parameter processing) allowing report authors fully concentrate on to the business logic.

myDBR builds upon report networks, where you can easily link reports together, producing full report browsing result for the end user. Report network feature decreases the amount of work needed for building a complete reporting environment.

myDBR is available as a free Community version and as a paid and supported Premium/OEM versions. See the version comparison for details.

See what you can do with myDBR


Fastest report creation. Period.

myDBR's powerful reporting features enables creating reports incredibly fast. Automated layout creation, system wide styles and advanced parameters makes report authoring productive and fun.

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Connect your reports together

Ability to easily connect your reports together allows you to design and manage even a complex reporting structure. With connected reports you can build logical report network to model your business processes and give user a natural access path to the data.

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Modify your data directly from the report

Reports are not only for viewing. You can also modify your data directly from the report. Perfect tool for gathering data from your systems.

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Mobile optimized reports, automatically

Access your reports directly from your mobile device with no additional cost or effort. Optimized for iPhone/iPod touch, Symbian and Android devices, myDBR makes your reports go mobile.

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Extend the functionality

Want to add a feature? myDBR provides an extension interface, so you can add new and modify existing functionality. Open for new features, myDBR extends to your needs without limiting your options.

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