Seamless Integration With Your Environment

Decide how to use myDBR


Standalone reporting software

Use myDBR as a standalone reporting portal where you add myDBR as a reporting solution to your system.


Part of your application / service

myDBR integrates seamlessly into your environment as part of your application. You can fully integrate reports into your solution and use Single Sign-On authentication with your application.


As an API server

Use myDBR as an API server to produce JSON / XML data for your application. You can use myDBR’s reporting features to extract and process the data and serve it to your application.

User authentication

user authentication

Import the data
Get additional data

import data

In environments where not all the data is already in the system, you need to bring in new data. myDBR offers a variety of ways to import this data. You can automate this import or offer users interactive forms where they can import the data.

Export the data
Decide how to use your data

report export formats