Extensive Charting

With myDBR’s built in charting capabilities you can easily add great looking charts into your report. Creating a chart requires just a single command. You can also easily transpose the data to suit your charting needs. myDBR supports vast variety of XY, multi series, meter, hierarchy and network charts.

Sample Charts

Click on a chart to see the full size chart

myDBR support different charting modules and you can choose the ones that suite your needs. myDBR also supports diagrams based on Graphviz and D3js technologies, you can draw the diagrams directly from your data.

Chart customization

You can use myDBR charts with their default setting – all customization is optional and the basic setup is launch-ready. myDBR offers wide range of options to customize the charts and style the overall appearance in different ways. All parts of the charts can be customized: colors, sizes, titles, axis, legends, labels, borders, line thickness, backgrounds etc.

Customize chart