OEM, Premium, and Community licenses

myDBR offers three types of licenses. An OEM license, a Premium (including a Trial) license, and a Free Community license.

The OEM license allows you to let users outside your organization use myDBR reports. You can use myDBR in hosted (SaaS) systems and distributable products. OEM license also adds the ability to brand myDBR as part of your own product by changing logos and the application name. The OEM license includes full myDBR functionality. OEM licensees enjoy priority support.

The Premium license is intended for organizations’ internal use and allows deeper integration into your existing infrastructure. Premium licenses are valid for 12 months and include direct e-mail support from the experienced support team. The Premium license is intended for internal use. The Trial license is the same as the Premium license with one month license period.

The free Community license allows you to evaluate the software and use the basic features. Community licenses are valid for one month at a time and can be renewed as many times as you like.

Feature comparison

Feature Community Premium OEM
Let users outside your organization use myDBR
Embed myDBR into your application
License for embedding myDBR into your application
Use myDBR within your hosted (SaaS) service
License for hosted (SaaS) service
Brand myDBR as your own application / hosted (SaaS) service
Redis caching support
Allow high performance caching with Redis
Two-factor authentication
Utilize one-time passwords to protect the logins
Replica support
Distribute queries across read-only replicas
Use myDBR in your organization
Forum based support
Image charts – ChartDirector included!
SVG and PNG charts. Advanced Software Engineering’s ChartDirector embedded.
myDBR Extensions available
Use and extend myDBR’s functionality with myDBR extensions
Microsoft Active
Use Microsoft Active Directory to authenticate the users and manage report privileges directly from Active Directory
Google login
Use Google logins to authenticate the users
Single Sign-On
Users can log in with their username and password from an existing backend system
Custom authentication
Custom authentication backend support
Editable reports
Edit your report data directly from myDBR
Unlimited connections between reports
Create an unlimited number of drill-down reports
Direct links to charts
Use myDBR charts directly in your intra/extranet
Send reports via e-mail
No more “update to premium” banners
Full customization options for for user interface
URL access to full reports and individual image reports
Report permissions are shown at one glance
Remote calls to other myDBR installations
Allows combining data from multiple sources
Import capability for local and remote data
Multiple export formats (PDF, Excel, JSON, XML, PHP serialized)
Support for HTTP Basic Access Authentication for scriptable report execution
Support for attachments for mail reports (including PDF reports)
OEM licensing opportunity
General Community Premium OEM
Price Free 129 EUR 395 EUR
License valid for 1 month 12 months 12 months
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