Titles / text


dbr.title - Set the report title. By default, the report's title is the report's name
dbr.subtitle - Give a name to the result set in a report
dbr.text - Insert a free text element to the report


select 'dbr.title', 'Title text'
select 'dbr.subtitle', 'Subtitle text'
select 'dbr.text', 'Text' [, 'class']


By default, a report shows the report's name (a name given when added to myDBR) as a title. It can be changed with the dbr.title-command. The usual case is that reports parameters are included in the title.

If you have multiple result set's in the report, you may want to give them a title. This can be done using the dbr.subtitle-command.

You can use dbr.text to insert a text element into the report. The text element's carriage returns are converted to HTML <BR> elements. You are free to include HTML formatting in the text. The optional 'class' parameter defines the CSS-style used for the text. If none is given, a default div.dbr_textbox is used. You are free to define your own ones in user/userstyle.css.


create procedure sp_DBR_Titles(inFromDate date, inToDate date)

select 'dbr.title', concat('Date range: ', inFromDate, ' - ', inToDate );
select 'dbr.subtitle', 'Film Categories';

select name, last_update
from mydb.category
where last_update between inFromDate and inToDate;

select 'dbr.subtitle', 'Languages';

select name, last_update
from mydb.language
where last_update between inFromDate and inToDate;


select 'dbr.text', 'Default text';
select 'dbr.text', "'box'-style textbox", 'box';
select 'dbr.text', "'comment'-style textbox", 'comment';

If you wish to add your own text styles add the CSS definition to user/userstyle.css.