myDBR is a PHP application that stores its essential information such as reports, report privileges, and required database objects within the database itself. To successfully install myDBR, a functional PHP environment with database support is necessary. The myDBR package is distributed as a compiled PHP application, requiring a PHP loader for execution. Additionally, myDBR offers the flexibility of incorporating optional modules, which you might consider installing to enhance its capabilities.

Quick Start

The recommended way to install myDBR is by using the installation wizard, which will check your environment and set up myDBR for you in a matter of minutes.

  1. Download the myDBR application from
  2. Extract the downloaded to the desired location on your web server
  3. Point your favorite web browser to the location where you put the myDBR files
  4. Follow the instructions provided by the installation wizard
  5. You will be prompted to install the PHP loader if your environment does not have it installed
  6. See also Optional installations

Installation complete - Enjoy using myDBR!