myDBR 3.9 - "Spring cleaning 2013"

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  1. myDBR Team, Key Master

    myDBR Team is happy to announce the the availability of myDBR 3.9 release.

    myDBR 3.9 is a maintetance release containing requested new features. The release is recommended for all users.

    New features:

    • Complete CSS-style overhaul allowing easier theming and easier access to objects
    • Column filter capability
    • Aggregate commands have now equivalent prefix commands
    • Gantt-chart support added
    • Stepline-chart support added
    • Charts can now calculate their size automatically using 'auto'-size definition
    • Added column styles with leading zero support
    • Connected parameters allow now connection via name and relative position
    • 'inline'-target support allow linked report to be opened inside result set
    • 'include_image' export-option
    • JSON object notation support in JSON export
    • Firefox mobile support
    • BlackBerry 10 support

    New commands:

    • dbr.filter
    • dbr.sum_prefix
    • dbr.min_prefix
    • dbr.max_prefix
    • dbr.count_prefix
    • dbr.hminus
    • dbr.footer.colclass

    Misc improvements:

    • JavaScript component updates
    • One cellstyle is enough for all conditions (positive, zero, negative)
    • Maximum number of autocomplete rows returned is now an user defined parameter
    • Improved accordion height calculation
    • Line chart markers with show_markers
    • allow_gaps allow line charts with missing data to be created
    • Linefeeds in HTML mail no work without extra steps
    • Scrolling connected checkbox parameter now handle nonexistent data situation
    • Added "Report parameters"-link into the SQL Editor
    • Ajax indicator for slow connected parameters
    • Connected parameter query optimization
    • Improved Excel exports
    • Improved remote server error messages
    • Allow HTML in dbr.button
    • Improved Internet Explorer 10 support


    • When sending HTML mail, the plain text version has now always the same content
    • sqlsrv driver no longer returns extra empty result sets
    • Connected parameter in same line works now
    • Hidden column are no longer included in emailed reports
    • Dialogs closes again with esc
    • No data working in multiseries chart
    • Connected parameter handling in Internet Explorer fixed
    • Column order in Excel exports when using dbr.calc
    • negative currency sorting

    Edit: May 23rd 2013, 3.9.1 build 2014

    • Fixed an issue where crosstable headers were not drawn correctly

    As always, you can update to new version using the myDBR's automatic updater.

    Happy reporting,
    myDBR Team

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