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  1. myDBR Team, Key Master

    myDBR Team is happy to announce the the availability of myDBR 4.1 release.

    myDBR 4.1 release contains new features, improvements and fixes. The release is recommended for all users.

    New functionality:

    • Templates can join multiple queries
    • Templates can use dbr.record elements as template variables
    • dbr.calc has now horizontal and vertical aggregate functions (colRef.sum / colRef.hsum)
    • Much improved organization charts with autobalance
    • Multiple organization charts supported within report
    • SQL Editor has now command and report history
    • Extensions can use passthrough option to handle the data and pass it back to myDBR
    • no_template_div -option in template allows to combine multiple templates

    New commands:

    • dbr.hnull - Creates a placeholder for horizontal column used with dbr.calc
    • dbr.hidedatacolumn - Hide crosstable data columns but keep the summary column
    • dbr.html is now synonym for dbr.purehtml
    • dbr.mail.notify_successful_mail - Skip notification for successful mail sent
    • dbr.export.options filename - allows to specify export filename
    • dbr.import.options 'extra_columns' - allows to add extra data to import data
    • dbr.resultset.options - allows combining multiple result sets by skipping header/footer
    • dbr.rownum.set - Initialize the rownum-value
    • dbr.selectlist - Create a select list for linked reports


    • Improved PHP 5.5 support
    • Security improvements
    • Improved CSRF protection
    • null constants allowed in linked reports
    • Remote servers can use skip_ssl_verify option
    • Do not use MYSQLI_OPT_SSL_VERIFY_SERVER_CERT for libraries that do not have it defined
    • Column filter works with table in cell
    • mydbr_selected_cell with selectlists
    • jQuery datepicker year range can be set in parameter options (from:to or +years_back:years_forward)
    • dbr.sort column can be a ColumnReference
    • SQL Editor is no less prone to clutter lines in when wrapped
    • Excel export support URL links
    • Cleaner sticky headers
    • show_verbose_error_messages_to_all_users option added to defaults
    • Connection init possibility for SQL Server, Sybase ASE and Sybase Anywhere

    Chart changes:

    • Scatter charts works now with default markers
    • embed_image works with options
    • tooltip-option support for multiseries charts
    • Chart trenlinewidth and trenline_label options
    • Chart line width can be defined per label
    • Nicer looking tooltips in charts (allows formatting with multiple lines)
    • New chart parameters for trendline
    • New chart optiopns: plot_edge_color, grid_color_horizontal, grid_color_vertical
    • Organization charts support string ID's


    • Connected parameters respect opt group
    • Crosstab sorting fix for certain situations
    • Datetime pm input fixed on certain date formats
    • Mobile PDF export no longer includes the "Back"-action image
    • Linked reports menu links that contain special characters are correctly encoded
    • Emtpy cross tables calculate summaries correctly
    • Correct JSON format when using force_object and export contains just one result set
    • skip_single_line_summary fixes with multiple summary levels
    • Strint PHP PEAR warnings no longer show in PHP >= 5.4 (Graphviz)
    • Autologin working also on hashed passwords
    • Autoexecute reports with Google Chrome
    • Content scrolling to visible viewport in Internet Explorer
    • dbr.calc with dbr.avg-columns fixed

    As always, you can update to new version using the myDBR's automatic updater.

    Happy reporting,
    myDBR Team


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