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  1. myDBR Team, Key Master

    myDBR Team is happy to announce the the availability of myDBR 4.4 release.

    myDBR 4.4 release contains new functionality, fixes and general improvements. The release is recommended for all users.

    New functionality:

    • All new SQL editor with code completion, themes, macros and folding
    • Full file management for mydbr/user-files
    • New Custom authentication method for easy integration
    • myDBR is now fully HTML5
    • Show object for myDBR commands in SQL Editor
    • PDF export paper_size A1 supported
    • Connected parameters now support checkboxes
    • Abilty to referencing crosstab total columns (col.h format)
    • Amazon Web Services Load Balancer support
    • Empty parameter handling options, empty_numeric_results_null, empty_string_results_null
    • Single Sign-On protocol can carry extra parameters
    • percentbar and percentcolumn charts
    • linearmeter chart
    • Radar chart
    • Sankey chart
    • Google maps map type support
    • Excel formulas based on data
    • New automatic parameter: export_format
    • Security improvements: httpOnly cookie, secure only cookie
    • PDF export now support SVG chart output for much improved quality
    • Excel export styles can be customized
    • Ability to customize / disable report statistics

    New commands / options:

    • dbr.footer.cellclass - footer cell's CSS class
    • dbr.footer.cellstyle - footer cell's CSS style
    • dbr.export.options formula - insert a Excel formula
    • dbr.export.options position.column - set Excel column position
    • dbr.export.options position.row - set Excel row position
    • dbr.export.options position.row.add - Move Excel export result set lower
    • dbr.export.options position.column.add - Move Excel export result set to right
    • dbr.chart.options series - Allows predefined series definition
    • dbr.crosstab.options no_null_data - prevent NULL data columns appearing
    • dbr.colsort - allows setting sort order for miscellaneous data
    • dbr.d3 - d3 support

    General improvements:

    • Improved support for ChartDirector native formatting in charts
    • Editable cells now support dbr.html
    • Editable cells now respect dbr.colstyle
    • dbr.hidecolumn now ignores null and empty ColumnReferences
    • Support for weird procedure names
    • Support for strings in dbr.calc
    • Autosize Excel lines
    • embed_image respected in sessions
    • Embedded image zoom in graphviz
    • Allow to specify wkhtmltopdf tmp-directory
    • Improved touch device support
    • Ability to specify listed databases in SQL Editor. Speeds up database list genration in shared servers
    • Chart labels support special characters
    • parameter_name_suffix option added to $mydbr_defaults
    • Support for longer parameter titles
    • UI improvements
    • New login method: custom login
    • JSON export supports null
    • New template variable format {#colref}
    • CURL_IPRESOLVE_V4 option added for environment where IPv6 resolve fails
    • Optional header cache
    • Support empty tooltips
    • ionCube loader check supports VC11 compiled PHP
    • Chart time seconds support
    • HH:MM support for time based charts
    • myDBR uses pooled connections for speeding up slower servers
    • Longer query string support in statistics
    • Bigger close box for mobile dialog close


    • dbr.hsum hsum with HTML inside a cell
    • Move folder / report localization bug fixed
    • dbr.html support in exports
    • Date fix for SQL Server 2008
    • Statistics fix for SQL Server 2005
    • Empty autocomplete no longer empties the text field
    • Rare UTF-8 bug fixed
    • Fix for autologin
    • SQL Server calculation fixes
    • Support for Excel templates
    • Fixed param title escaping with " and /
    • Report execution time fix in MySQL
    • Export header fix
    • Active Directory BaseDB search fix
    • Organization chart targets with numeric ID's
    • Summary row negative calc
    • CSV export result sets handle empty result sets correctly
    • Empty crosstabs no longer cause export to be out of sync
    • myDBR was causing segmentation fault on certain Apache servers. It will no longer do so.
    • No unnecessary password check in user delete
    • Sorting fixes for HH.MM.SS time format

    As always, you can update to new version using the myDBR's automatic updater.

    Happy reporting,
    myDBR Team


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