myDBR 4.5 - "OEM Customization"

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  1. myDBR Team, Key Master

    myDBR Team is happy to announce the the availability of myDBR 4.5 release.

    myDBR 4.5 release adds OEM functionality and generic improvements.

    New functionality:

    • OEM customization options added
    • User defined macros in SQL editor
    • myDBR command autocomplete in SQL Editor
    • Improved indentation in SQL Editor
    • Search / Replace dialog in SQL Editor
    • Autocomplete database definition possible in $mydbr_defaults
    • Ability to define Single Sign-On extra parameters also for local user
    • Logging option added for Single Sign-On authentication
    • Show group information for external users
    • Ignore SSL option added for the mail extension
    • JavaScript support added for import return values

    New commands / options:

    • series_axis option added for charts
    • Extra parameter to import.prepare, import.finish

    General improvements:

    • Support for empty strings in connected parameters
    • Ability to force IPv4 in CURL if IPv6 is giving trouble in your environment
    • Active Directory support for PHP 5.1/5.2
    • Date edit more straightforward in editable


    • sum prefix handling in calculate
    • Statistics log start fix
    • Organization linked report fix
    • Automatic updater detects if FilesystemIterator is not available
    • Formatting for tooltips in multuseries charts
    • Menu positioning in popup fixed window
    • PDF export current tab content
    • Apostrophe handling fixed in editable select
    • Ability to go around a bug in Microsoft Drivers for PHP affecting header encoding

    As always, you can update to new version using the myDBR's automatic updater.

    Happy reporting,
    myDBR Team


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