myDBR 4.9.3 - "PHP 7.1"

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  1. myDBR Team, Key Master

    The myDBR 4.9.3 update includes support for PHP 7.1.

    PHP 7.1 is a minor update to PHP and brings slight performance increase to PHP plus longer support life (PHP Supported Versions). If you are still running PHP 5.X, you might want to consider updating to PHP 7.1.

    The PHP 7.1 version of myDBR will require newer versions from PHP extensions (ionCube loader 10.0.0 and the ChartDirector for PHP 7.1).

    To update an existing installation to PHP 7.1, update the PHP version, download the PHP 7.1 version of myDBR and do manual update.

    The existing installation continue to work as is and automatic updates are available to them as normal. ionCube loader 10.0.0 is now the recommended loader version.

    myDBR Team


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