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  1. myDBR Team, Key Master

    myDBR Team is happy to announce the the availability of the myDBR 5.0 release.

    myDBR 5.0 is a major release bringing new functionality, optimizations and fixes.

    New functionality:

    • Calender-functionality added
    • Barcode and QR code functionality added
    • Rich text / formatted text editing
    • Editable supports code editing (html, htmlmixed, javascript, php, css and sql)
    • myDBR uses pooled database connections by default for faster performance on slow servers
    • OEM license capability to change the logos dynamically
    • OEM branding in Google SSO
    • Greatly simplified dbr.url with ColRef support
    • HTML5 optiomizations
    • PHP 7.1 support
    • Google Maps dynamic size markers
    • dbr.crosstab.order command for ordering crosstab columns
    • dbr.head-command added
    • New chart types: StackedColumnLineDY, StackedColumnSplineDY, StackedBarLineDY and StackedBarSplineDY and SplineArea
    • New chart options axis_label_font, color_column, label.format.line, label.format.aggregate
    • Graphviz charts has new gv_renderer_formatter-option
    • dbr.javascript, dbr.html and dbr.html: support support added for import finish
    • Allow class selector in col_value_get
    • Added jpg:image colstyle
    • select_find editable type added
    • dbr.sum supports 'HH:MM' colstyle
    • hosted_domain option added for Google SSO login
    • Optional Google SSO login prompt parameter
    • SSO users can now have groups set (if not defined by SSO itself)
    • Mail extension dbr.mail.encoding-option added
    • Mail extension dbr.mail.smtp.ssl-option added
    • Tooltip support for pageview
    • cssclass-option for editable
    • noautoexe-GET parameter added


    • SVG-chart fixes
    • Imporved HTTP Basic and JSON error handling
    • dbr.summary.options limit_summary_level-option improvements
    • Checkbox -> selectlist connected parameter fix
    • Allow imports from popup dialogs
    • Connected parameter fixes
    • Fixes for differnt browsers (IE, Chrome) for editable selectlist
    • Fixes for editable radiobutton in touch devices
    • show_link handles NULL values better
    • Negative styles in Excel export
    • Chart imagemap fixes stack_order DY + MSArea charts
    • Fix for showing large popups in iPad
    • Fixes for Edge browser with SVG's
    • MySQL/MariaDB version safe for utf8mb4
    • Editable text cannot include HTML / JavaScript for safety reasons (use code editing instead if needed)
    • Fixes for newer jQuery versions
    • Fixes an issue where an empty resultset could result partial html
    • Pushpins fix in Google-maps

    General improvements:

    • autosum js col_aggregate adhere sum_prefix
    • Improved columnfilter datatype detection
    • Improved error handling in imports
    • Import will flag false character sets if it can be detected
    • Sheduler has now debug option
    • Multiline title support in meter charts
    • SSO logout now whitelisted in $mydbr_defaults['logout']['allowed_redirect_urls_in_url_parameter']
    • Unicode support in editing callback
    • Improved Excel exports

    As always, you can update to new version using the myDBR's automatic updater.

    Happy reporting,
    myDBR Team

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