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  1. myDBR Team, Key Master

    myDBR Team is happy to announce the the availability of the myDBR 5.3 release.

    myDBR 5.3 is a major release bringing new functionality, optimizations and fixes.

    New functionality:

    • PHP 7.3 support
    • Single Sign-On now support organization structure for users (OEM version)
    • Ability to set permissions per organization/group
    • Support for Ajax exports
    • Fully rewritten organization extension with HTML drawing
    • Ability to incldue file into report with dbr.file
    • New extension ip2location for IP-address to location conversion
    • Support for checkboxes in dbr.editable
    • Support for file rename in dbr.editable
    • New charts: semidonutpercent, squaremeter
    • Ability to set report/folder icons (icons, Emoji's & FontAwsome)
    • Ability to use templates in collapse via dbr.collapse.template
    • collapse_open-option added to dbr.collapse
    • Ability to set favicons in OEM version
    • Ability to deny PHP access from admin
    • Allow HTML in connected parameters
    • Support for single JSON entities in dbr.import
    • Support for HTML in select+find
    • Access to Map markers (Google_maps & OSM_maps JavaScript variables)
    • New option for mail to reject auto TLS when server supports it (dbr.mail.smtp.autoTLS)
    • Image support in Excel exports
    • Selectlist with find now supports HTML
    • Bullet sparkline chart has now performanceColors-option for performance bar


    • Workarounds for sqlsrv older unixodbc bugs
    • Passing of editable values ('e'-params) into linked report fixed
    • ColumnReference was not evaluated in rare occasion. Now fixed.
    • Excel export with crosstab fixed in PHP >= 7.2
    • Fixes an issue with chart.options series & label_color when using data with missing values
    • Fix for donut-chart starting angle
    • Workaround for macOS wkhtmltopdf bug
    • Fix for browsers not supporting tooltips in SVG charts
    • Select+find issues with new Safari versions fixed
    • Cron sample toggle fixed
    • New Excel worksheets starts at the top
    • Keepwithnext with tabs improved
    • Fixed embed target placement (was incorrect in rare occasions)

    General improvements:

    • Redesigned admin UI
    • Email shown in report permission search
    • Automatically show datepicker in date parameters
    • Allow using <>-syntax in liked report's show_link-option
    • Improved syntax hightlightning in SQL Editor
    • Use all innodb-tables in MySQL
    • Greatly increased speed for Active Directory synchronization with improved UI
    • Localized categories
    • Improved error handling in MySQL
    • datetimechart x-axis defaults
    • Turn off regenerate_session_id (might cause problems with slow connections)
    • Summary colstyle to TD-level for nicer formatting

    As always, you can update to new version using the myDBR's automatic updater.

    Happy reporting,
    myDBR Team


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