Icon Upload for Folder Icons Appears to do Nothing

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  • Started by rpark
  1. rpark, Member

    I am trying to customize the icons used for my folders. When I select the icon, an icon sub-menu appears in an area below that allows me to 'Choose File' and 'Upload an image'.

    I am able to choose the file using a Windows file picker dialog as expected, I then see the correct filename for the file I just picked beside the 'Choose File' button, however, when I click on 'Upload an image' nothing occurs, the folder's icon choice is then blank.

    No matter what image file .png, etc. I can't upload images to use as custom icons.

    I am on the latest version.

    Thank you!

    Update: it appears that some filenames do not work, and there is no error message indicating such, in this case I had filenames that included'[]', this appears to be the cause of the upload failing as changing the same image's name to 'test.png' worked.


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