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  1. myDBR Team, Key Master

    myDBR Team is happy to announce the availability of the myDBR 6.5 release.

    myDBR 6.5 brings new functionality, optimizations and fixes.

    New functionality:

    • Support for database replicas for distributed queries
    • Support for responsive image maps on charts
    • Processlist in MySQL SQL Editor (with AWS support)
    • Added Pushsafer support for push notifications
    • Added url-option for Prowl push notification
    • New commands for potentially unsafe HTML usage: dbr.html.ext, dbr.html.ext: (XSS prevention)
    • Ability to override the mainView for users via $mydbr_defaults['mainview']['use_alternate']
    • iCal (ics-file) support for the calendar
    • Mailing with dbr.mail supports now redirects
    • Ignore invalid mails with dbr.mail.ignore_invalid_email command
    • Separate cookies for HTTP and HTTPS connections
    • MySQL installations use the default database engine
    • Improved internal query cache
    • Support for file content parameter
    • allows multiple CURL values for same option
    • dbr.http.option 'curl' added
    • dbr.tooltip can now contain value as is without column reference
    • Chart option tooltip_y2 added
    • ChartJS tooltip support
    • Added the scatterline ChartJS chart
    • Added content_disposition option for export (show in browser/download)
    • Legend support for pie charts
    • Added possibility to set chart scale option without values, setting just the step
    • Ability to define accepts codes (200, 400, 409, 422 accepted by default)
    • Added maxfiles-option to dbr.upload (define the maximum number of uploaded files)
    • Image size option for dbr.upload (maxheight, maxwidth, quality)
    • Added coordinates_address option for OpenSreetMaps and Google Maps

    Fixes and general improvements:

    • SQLEditor and File editors now support touch editing
    • Tightened security for user inputs (XSS prevention)
    • Fix for Excel fixed column widths
    • lineDY chart layer order fix
    • Fixed an issue where dbr.hide_columns would not work on [colref]-notation
    • myDBR reminds for the default passwords being used (set during the installation)
    • Improvements in the direct URL handling
    • Fixed Ajax indicator with dialog in SQLEditor
    • Fix for sorting and sticky tableheader
    • Hide scheduled dialog by default
    • Fixed the statistics report grouping
    • SQL Editor usability improvements
    • Improvements in touch device support
    • Copy/paste support in 2FA window
    • Fix for Google login with multiple domains
    • No time limit on mail. Allows mailing slower reports
    • Updates for 3rd party components
    • Fix for filename with csv.direct_mode
    • Performace optimizations

    As always, you can update to the new version using the myDBR's automatic updater.

    Happy reporting,
    myDBR Team


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