myDBR 1.3.1 released - with automatic installer and updater

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  1. myDBR Team, Key Master

    We are happy to announce the availability of myDBR 1.3.1. This is a major release concentrating on the automatic install and update functionality. Version also includes new and improved security framework. Version is a highly recommended update for all users.

    Installing and updating myDBR is now very easy!

    Changes in myDBR release 1.3.1:

    New features:

    • New automated install wizard
    • Automatic updates for new versions
    • New and improved security framework
    • Optional demo database included
    • New chart options
    • Google Maps extension now allows user defined images on map mashups
    • Native extension capability for ChartDirector charts
    • Full support for Internet Explorer 8
    • Improvements to user defined chart colors
    • Improved documentation and guides for MySQL stored procedures


    • Preferences now moved into the database (no more overwritten in updates)
    • Initial install creates trial license automatically
    • Mobile UI improvements (iPhone, Symbian & Android)
    • Minor UI improvements
    • Updates to external component (ChartDirector, Prototype)
    • Codebase is now PHP 5.3 clean
    • Added warning for mobile devices when Javascript is disabled
    • Copy to clipboard has now a notification message


    • Parameters with floating numbers work again
    • Excel exports now retain styled cells (span)
    • Table sorting now works also on formatted cells
    • Parameter queries are now case insensitive
    • Report linking menu now appears on right place even if the page has been scrolled
    • Left aligning multiple pageview elements
    • Internet Explorer clipboard copy works again
    • 'dbr.keepwithnext' is now also supported on extensions

    For installs / updates, download package, unzip it and point your browser to newly created mydbr-directory. New install wizard will guide you through the installation. Existing reports will stay intact.

    Note: 1.3.1 fixes a date problem in 1.3.0
    myDBR Team


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