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  1. We want to create drill down charts so that we can select a section of the chart and be able to drill down on data related to that section. How is that possible?

    I read from the docs: "In addition to the common options, myDBR allows passing native commands to each chart module for additional formatting. With access to native commands you are able to access individual features of each chart module without myDBR acting as a gatekeeper."

    Any examples available? FusionFree does allow drilling down but not sure on what options to pass..



  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    You can see an example of this in the demo. (You can also install the demo in your own machine to see the examples).

    Linked report example

    In the report 'Surface area' pie chart has an drill down report attaced to it. When user clicks the pie, sp_DBR_demo_continent report is run and the inContinent parameter gets the information (column 1 of the query) which pie section user clicked.

    SELECT 'dbr.chart', 'Pie', 'Surface Area';
    SELECT 'dbr.report', 'sp_DBR_demo_continent', 'inContinent=1'; SELECT Continent, CAST( SUM( SurfaceArea ) AS UNSIGNED ) AS 'Surface Area'
    FROM demo_country
    GROUP BY Continent

    In order to get drill down reports, you do not need any additional native commands. These commands only affect how the chart looks.

    myDBR Team

  3. Thanks for the prompt response.

    This is a single linked report for the entire Pie chart. I want to link different reports per section of the Pie Chart. So for that example you sent, I want a report for each continent. How can I achieve that?



  4. Sorry. Just checked that again. The above report is close to what I want. Is it possible to enable direct click? Currently I have to click to get a pop up and then go in?

  5. Figured that out too.. was a browser issue.

  6. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Different parts of the pie charts are treated equally. Assigining a report to a chart will show it on all pie parts. When the drill down report is executed, the drill down report will get the users selection as parameter.

    If you really wish to have different report run on each pie part, you can then select different report to be run inside the originally activated report.

    If the case of the demo, if you wished to run different report for 'Asia' that you would for rest of the continents, you would change the sp_DBR_demo_continent report to have a "IF" statement and then act accordingly.

    For example in sp_DBR_demo_continent you could call:

    IF (inContinent='Asia') then
    /* Asia specific code */
    call sp_DBR_Asia();
    /* Generic continent report */
    call sp_DBR_GenericContinent( inContinent );
    end if;

    Usually pie's sectors have same report attached to them. The only difference would be the pie sector's ID which then the drill down report gets as a parameter.

  7. Thanks for the explanation. This works for me.


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