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  1. Peter Schober, Member

    Hello @all,

    I have tried to import data via mydbr with the following code:


    select 'dbr.import', 'sp_DBR_IMPORT_xxx_STORES_DO';


    CREATE PROCEDURE sp_DBR_IMPORT_xxx_STORES_DO(inName varchar(30),incode varchar(30))

    insert into xxx_prod.import_divisions (name, devisioncode) values (inName, incode)


    When I use the sp_DBR_IMPORT_xxx_STORES_DO import function with some values, it works. I can run the sp_DBR_IMPORT_xxx_Stores report, I can seletc a file (which is a tab seperated file) but then I see only a progress bar which runs (and no data are imported). The php import script gives a code 200 back.

    Is there anybody who has an idea what is wrong?

    Thanks in advance

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    The report itself is ok. Does this happen with any datafile you try?


  3. Peter Schober, Member

    Hello mydbr team,

    I have tried several file (export from excel) options (always a tab seperated txt file. My development team checked the server activity and they have seen that the php import module was used with a code 200 result.

    We have also tried to use an remote url, but this doesn't works as well. Do we need to have some other customization to use the import function?

    Thanks in advance

  4. Peter Schober, Member


    in the meantime we have successfully imported a file with via a remote url. If I use the same file locally, that does not work. I seel only the progress bar.


  5. myDBR Team, Key Master

    If I use the same file locally, that does not work. I seel only the progress bar.

    Most likely there is a problem myDBR understanding the file. What OS you are on and what is the charcter set of the file and what is the used line ending?

    myDBR Team


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