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  1. invergordon, Member

    I have created a couple of maps that use a marker defined by a URL to a location on my server, the code looks like this:

    select latitude, longitude, 'http://myserver/mydbr/user/images/dot.png'

    In one report the markers appear as instructed above but in another report they default to the Google Map marker absolutely ruining the look of the map!

    The image is the same in both queries and the only difference really is the volume of data returned. In the reports that display the correct marker there is around 2,000 rows but in the errant report there is in excess of 40,000 rows.

    Other than that I am flumaxed!

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    To be able to set 2000 custom markers on a map is already quite achievement from Google as it will be quite complex both on server and client. Trying to set 40 000 markers would require clustering where large set of markers would be replaced with a cluster marker.

    myDBR Team


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