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  1. xerxes42, Member


    I would like to have the possibility to use group and perhaps OU information about a user in the same way as inLogin.
    An example:
    A report that can show information about several countries but the users from Finland should only be allowed to run the report if they select FI as country. So instead of creating separate reports for each country we can look if the user is located in the FI OU or they belong to the general user group for all Finnish users in the active directory.
    This means that we can have a general group access for similar reports and then do the more detailed access in the report itself.

    The reason for this is that I'm building reports for > 100 users in six countries and since we have over 150 reports I'm looking at ways to make the access issue more manageable.


  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    When you authenticate through Active Directory, myDBR gets user's myDBR groups from Active Directory. Both groups itself and the information about user belonging to a group is available to report through myDBR tables.

    What you can do in AD is to define the countries as groups and put appropriate AD OU's in these groups. Within the report you can determine the user's country / countries based on the user login and the groups the user belongs to.

    This should give you full information with zero maintenance.

    myDNR Team


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