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  1. hoxa, Member

    I have a checkbox paramter with search functionality.
    The parameter contains a large amount of data and when using search on IE8 on a slow computer i get an error "stack overflow on line 4". Is it possible to add a delay or something, so that filtering starts after the user has stopped typing.
    Other possible solutions are of course welcome.

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Large amount of data that one goes through in IE8's JavaScript engine is not the optimal combination as IE8's JavaScript engine cannot be considered as Microsoft's finest moment. Please also note that IE8 is quite old browser.

    All IE8 machines can be updated to IE9 which is much better browser. This is the first step to consider. Also, you might want to check if choosing searchable checkbox is the optimal parameter if you load large amount of data. If you do not need multiple selections, using autocomplete parameter, which does it's work on server, will work nicely even with slow machines and IE8.

    myDBR Team


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