Excel Export - Blank - Temporary Tables in Stored Procedure

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  1. jluth, Member

    I have several reports where I'm pulling a bulk set of data through openquery on a sql server into a temporary table to allow for indexing prior to processing. That said, everything works splendidly for me except the built in export to excel option.

    It seems that the object is being set based on the select statements in the store procedure so when you're viewing the actual report even though there are "two" objects based on the stored procedure you only see one. The export object is set to 2 and when you export the resulting output is blank. However, if you change the object to 1 all is well.

    The csv and pdf exports work without issue even though they are set to object 2 by default as well.

    I verified it wasn't something hokey with with I was doing. I ran basic test and had the same results.

    select 'ABC123' as 'Test Entry' into #TESTING
    select * from #TESTING

    Any thoughts or suggestions on how I can get around this?

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    what is the build number you are using? Run the updater to make sure you are using the latest build.

    myDBR Team

  3. jluth, Member

    I was on myDBR 3.7.0 (build 1750). Just updated to myDBR 3.7.0 (build 1832) and that resolved the issue.



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