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  1. Tims, Member

    Hello myDBR-Team,

    is it possible to show the paramesters in a Report?

    I created a Report where are two Dates needed. The Data in the Report comes from between these both dates. So when i want to print that Report i need the information on it From-To which Dates the Report is.

    I know the select function but there i just can see the parameters when i open the report with mydbr.

    Is there a way to inquire the parameters?

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    You can use the parameters in the report as you wish. For example to include them in the title:

    select 'dbr.title', concat('Statistics summary ', inStartDate, ' - ', inEndDate);

    ,where inStartDate and inEndDate are your report parameters.

    myDBR Team


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