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  1. tyrub, Member

    in your demo dashboard you have two small charts on top. How can i use this feature for showing some main figures directly in my own dashboard?

    Thank you

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Content of the dashborad section is defined in user/main_top.html. You can put whatever content you like in it.

    To put an image to dashborad you create a report that produces the image you want and put the URL to the report to main_top.html as an img tag. To get just the image (and not all HTML from the report), put &getchart=1 to the end of URL.

    See more info at:

    Customize myDBR
    Direct URL

    Here is the content of the demo's dashboard (main_top.html). (Just replace the imgX with img. Our forum softwere seems to be too eager to display the image).

    <p><i>(Dashboard allows you to have a instant view on your selected data)</i></p>

    <imgX src="report.php?r=48&u1=1&m=4&h=92907090832600b5990f48a4890677420bb64265&getchart=1" alt="requests" />

    <imgX src="report.php?r=48&u1=2&m=4&h=92907090832600b5990f48a4890677420bb64265&getchart=1" alt="requests" />

    <hr style="width:80%;border-bottom-width: 0px;">

    If you have many users, when selecting the dashboard content, make sure the query is not too heavy on the server side.

    myDBR Team

  3. dba, Member

    I have used this language in the main_top.html page and I am receiving a broken picture link at the top of my home page.


    Please let me know what I can do to fix this... Thanks,

  4. dba, Member

    Actual code <!--



  5. dba, Member

    One more try - <!-- <imgx src="report.php?r=24&m=1&h=f34b3b4dae0cc4b26c6d9f35a82c20f899f7f993&getchart=1" alt="requests" /> -->

  6. dba, Member

    Got it now...using same strategy as MYDBR support:

    <imgX src="report.php?r=24&m=1&h=f34b3b4dae0cc4b26c6d9f35a82c20f899f7f993&getchart=1" alt="requests">

  7. myDBR Team, Key Master

    If you run your URL directly do you see the chart? The chart report should include only the chart object.

    myDBR Team

  8. dba, Member

    Yes, it shows up when running the URL is the URL:


    Still broken however on the home page.

  9. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Make sure you are using image-charts.

    myDBR Team

  10. Philip, Member

    Is there any way to differentiate the dashboard so different users see different things?

    E.g. I want to put some admin information on the dashboard so I can see any problems as soon as I login each day, but it is not relevant to any one else. I would also want to have operational content for internal users which is not available for the 3rd-party users.


  11. myDBR Team, Key Master

    the dashboard can include full reports or individual reports elements (like charts).

    To include a full report, use embed_url-function:

    <script type="text/javascript"> embed_url("", false); </script>
    The embed_url will use an Ajax-call to execute the report in user's context, so you can use automatic parameters like inLogin to determine the user.

    The 'embed=1' parameter in URL will just take the report's content skipping things HTML head-section (which is already included) and report headers and footers.

    myDBR Team


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