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  1. maron, Member

    Would it be possible to have the header function add an extra div around the grouped rows.

    Lets say I have a table like this.

    Header data1 data2 data1 data2 data1 data2
    Edited: the above does not format well - data1 and data2 should all be at the same indentation above.

    When using divify or templates it would help if an extra div could be added around all 3 rows - refering to the header element - currently I'm using some very complex css to group these together in Boxes of information (an order with a customer name, time and multiple items). These orders are then shown on a canban style dashboard for processing manually. If each order including items would be enclosed in it's own extra div then that would help tremendously.

    Posted 5 years ago #
  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    We could take a look if it would be possible to put is in divify.

    If you work with templates, the newest builds have some improvements for templates:

    1) You can have a temple not to be wrapped in div by giving template class 'none':

    select 'dbr.template', '#mytemplate', 'none';

    2) You can combine normal myDBR result set's data with a template by skipping header and footer from a result set (leaving just TR's):

    select 'dbr.resultset.options', 'skip_header';
    select 'dbr.resultset.options', 'skip_footer';
    select 'dbr.resultset.options', 'skip_header_footer';

    3) You insert a myDBR result sets (multiple if needed) into a template variable by recording a result sets:

    select 'dbr.record', 'begin', 'first_set';
    nyDBR code...
    select 'dbr.record', 'end';

    The 'first_set' will now be available as a template variable.

    myDBR Team

    Posted 5 years ago #


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