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  1. vittorio, Member

    i find hard time in having evidence of existing stored procedures to recall into several report codes.

    I cannot find a location for these where I can edit them up and modify, duplicate etc etc.

    I have to go on new report , a drop down menu appears to see only list of st. procedures

    however I cannot edit them up and work on them.

    I'd like to have a method to edit them understanding where they are located for a clear evidence.

    How I can cancell th eones I do not need or rename the one stored.


  2. myDBR Team, Key Master


    You can edit stored procedures using the myDBR SQL Editor. To start the editor select report code for any of your reports.

    In the editor you can browse all databases and contained objects by selecting "Show Query Builder". If you double click on a procedure, a new tab will open up where you can edit the procedure code.

    Also while editing code you can select any table or procedure and click on "Show selected Object" to show the source code or table creation statements.

    Use use standard SQL statements to remove unneeded procedures or other database objects.

    Best Regards,

    myDBR Team

  3. vittorio, Member

    all you are saying is correct as long as I have a procedure recalled on a certain report

    this is not my cases.

    I have 50 procedures unused I need to list and cancell on a needed basis.

    I cannot find the way to open up a list of them , through a window and cancel, re edit them or re save them in.

    this is my query

    please if you can advise


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