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  1. vittorio, Member


    we need to add the SSO option for all user contained on a certain group.

    we have trouble becuase new version has the menu changed with no possibility to add SSO option on a certain user or group.

    please if you can address the issue


  2. myDBR Team, Key Master


    SSO works on a per-server basis and can therfore not be specificed only for a certain group. However, you can still login locally by using the following URL: http://myDBR_base_path/index.php?a=login&local=true. Where myDBR_base_path would be the URL for your myDBR installation.

    Please see the documentation for more details about SSO.

    Best Regards,

    myDBR Team

  3. vittorio, Member

    in old version we had a flag for each user to assign to on SSO, was very simple and working well. nel 2.2.1 verison has changed the interface with no more change to assign on a SSO a certain user or group..

    we have created with mydbr support the interface groups on our dbase

    mydbr admin
    mydbr user

    however I cannnot now load up the log in page of mydbr not even typing the link

    you have provided

    it does not go onto the log in page even without the SSO set up.

    please if you cna support me.


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