dbr.calc not working in same report after using dbr.crosstab

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  1. akker, Member


    I have complex report, that has multiple tables in it. One of them uses dbr.calc and is something like this:

    select 'dbr.calc', 'percent', '[Total]/[Total.sum]*100';
    select 'dbr.calc', 'percent2', '[Bad]/[Bad.sum]*100';
    DATE_FORMAT(a.paid_date,'%Y-%m') "Month"
    ,count(*) Total
    ,100*b.percent as 'Bad %'
    , null 'SG weight[percent]'
    , null 'Bad weight[percent2]'
    , round(count(*)*b.percent) as 'Bad'
    from ...

    if this tabel is placed as first table in report, everyhing works like a charm. But if I put it after table, that uses "dbr.crosstab" feature, the calculations fail and "percent" and "percent2" fields stay empty.

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    This has been fixed in the lastest build.

    myDBR Team

  3. akker, Member

    yes, thank you. it was fixed really quickly.


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