callback after mydbr.editable, then remove row

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  1. brycedcamp, Member

    I am using a callback function after an inline dbr.editable report. The call back function works great, however I want the report to dissapear from the report afterwards. This is what I am using:

    select 'dbr.javascript', 'function mycallback()

    var jobnum = col_value_get( this, 1 );

    var jqxhr = $.ajax( "forms/jobcosting_notify.php?jobnum=" + jobnum + "&notifythis=completedinshop" );

    //alert("changed completed in shop for job number "+jobnum);


    Why isn't this working?

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    the mydbr_selected_cell-variable is used with In dbr.editable's callback the edited cell can be found in this-variable. Use:



    myDBR Team


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