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  1. ajdjackson, Member


    I've a couple of queries regarding appearance which I can't find an answer for in docs or demo.

    Is there a way to hide the 'grand total' line when using 'dbr.hdr' and 'dbr.sum'? I wish to show the totals as the header changes but not the overall total.

    How to a create a style/format to convert negative numbers to display as red and in parenthesis? I've seen the 'AlternateColorDecimal_0' style but the printf formats don't have one for parenthesis (I believe).

    Thanks again


  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    For hiding the summary row you can use:

    select 'dbr.css', '.summary_level0 {display:none}';

    For the styling (integers), use:

    select 'dbr.colstyle', 'Column', '%d;0;[color:red](%d)';

    myDBR Team

  3. ajdjackson, Member

    Class - works great!




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