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  1. xerxes42, Member


    We have reports that shows a number of columns and we are possible to use the sort in MyDBR on all columns but one.

    The table shown is (exported to CSV) :
    Installation number,Minutes called,Operator,MSISDN,IMSI,CID,Installation ID,Node ID,SW version,HW version,GSM version,Latest callerid,Latest service
    "369232",148.65,CELLOPERATOR,467000000000,,000000000000000000000,103704,16907522,10030,0x6A,R74_00,2014-11-03 12:11:04 pm,2014-11-02 16:40:36
    "437717",23.88,CELLOPERATOR,467000000000,,000000000000000000000,412020,17091968,17370,0x6F,R7.45.1.201105250600.,2014-11-03 08:50:45 am,2014-11-03 09:58:20
    "345614",10.67,CELLOPERATOR,467000000000,,000000000000000000000,75758,16820977,12123,0x6A,R74_00,2014-10-23 02:12:19 pm,2014-10-24 10:43:55

    The problem is the column named HW version and the value is a hex value and stored as a varchar in the database. On all other columns the sort in MyDBR works but not on this. There is no difference if I do a dbr.sort on the column or just click on in when the report is loaded.

    My guess is that the sorting gets confused by the presence of a hex value and it doesn't work.

    Olof Mattsson

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    there is no sorting method for hexadecimal numbers, so myDBR treats a string starting with number as a number and sorts accordingly. As all are evaluated as zero, no visible changes is made during sorting.

    You can define the column's sorting method to be 'text' and you should be fine (assuming your hex numbers have equal length).

    select 'dbr.sortmethod', 'hex_column', 'text';

    We can add hexadecimal number parser to the sorting.

    myDBR Team

  3. xerxes42, Member


    The hex column used here is either four characters or a NULL value. Tested on one of our reports and it looks like the sorting is done better now.

    Thanks for the quick answer!


  4. myDBR Team, Key Master

    the latest build includes sorting support for hexadecimal numbers out of box.

    myDBR Team


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