Automated Email Reports Without Hardcoding Password

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  1. cdavison, Member

    I have successfully written a myDBR report that is called via curl to execute at a given interval each day. Is there any way to make this work without having to hard code in the password?

    I am currently executing the following command below to automate the email report. this is documented on page 77 of the mydbr_doc.pdf.

    curl-u"user:pw" -H "X-MYDBR-AUTH: 1" "http_address_to_call_goes_here"

    Page 77 example is pasted below:
    curl -u"username:password" -H "X-MYDBR-AUTH: 1" "

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    if you script a call to a report, you need the password in order for myDBR to authenticate the report run. You can create a specific user just for the scripts that only have access to those scripted reports.

    Is there a specific reason why you would not want to set the password in the script?

    myDBR Team

  3. dharkness, Member

    You can also mark the report as runnable without logging in by checking "Access without login allowed via direct URL". This way the hash seed protects access to the report. Of course, you can't disable anyone's access to the report once they have the URL without changing the hash seed.

    That being said, we created an "email-only" user that has access only to the summary reports built strictly for emailing. Of course, some of those include other reports in them which must be opened up to this special user.


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