Linked reports are not working, no link appears

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  1. eugfri, Member

    I am new to MYDBR but starting to love the product. Got full premium license and trying to implement my first linked report - its very simple, purchase orders linking to purchase order details by REFNUMBER.
    Linked reports demo (country, cities etc) works just fine on my installation, so I am sure its not the setup or environment.
    Here is my "master" stored proc:
    CREATE DEFINER=root@localhost PROCEDURE sp_DBR_PurchaseOrdersOpen() BEGIN select 'dbr.column.title', 'ExpectedDate', 'Expected'; select 'dbr.column.title', 'RefNumber', 'PO#'; select 'dbr.column.title', 'VendorRefFullName', 'Vendor'; select 'dbr.column.title', 'TermsRefFullName', 'Terms'; select 'dbr.column.title', 'ShipMethodRefFullName', 'Ship'; select 'dbr.column.title', 'TotalAmount', 'Amount';

    SELECT '', 'sp_DBR_PurchaseOrderDetails', 'VendorRefFullName', 'inline', 'inRefNumber=RefNumber';

    select ExpectedDate, RefNumber, VendorRefFullName, TermsRefFullName, ShipMethodRefFullName, TotalAmount from ssn.PurchaseOrder where IsFullyReceived=0 and IsManuallyClosed=0 order by ExpectedDate;


    and here is my "details" stored proc:

    CREATE DEFINER=root@localhost PROCEDURE sp_DBR_PurchaseOrderDetails( inRefNumber varchar(11) ) BEGIN

    select 'dbr.column.title', 'PurchaseOrderLineItemRefFullName', 'PartNumber'; select 'dbr.column.title', 'PurchaseOrderLineDesc', 'Description'; select 'dbr.column.title', 'Qty', 'Qty'; select 'dbr.column.title', 'Price', 'Price'; select 'dbr.column.title', 'Amt', 'Amt';

    select PurchaseOrderLineItemRefFullName, PurchaseOrderLineDesc, ROUND(PurchaseOrderLineQuantity,0) as Qty, ROUND(PurchaseOrderLineRate,0) as Price, ROUND(PurchaseOrderLineAmount,0) as Amt from ssn.PurchaseOrderLine po where po.RefNumber=inRefNumber;


    I tried to execute them separately in MySQL Workbench and both work just fine, but no matter what I try, I do not see Vendor column showing hyperlink as per this
    SELECT '', 'sp_DBR_PurchaseOrderDetails', 'VendorRefFullName', 'inline', 'inRefNumber=RefNumber';

    What am I doing wrong or what am I missing?

    Any pointers are greatly appreciated.


  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    In order for myDBR to separate the link location (VendorRefFullName) from the target (inline), use brackets around the column reference:

    SELECT '', 'sp_DBR_PurchaseOrderDetails', '[VendorRefFullName]', 'inline', 'inRefNumber=RefNumber';

    myDBR Team

  3. eugfri, Member


    Thank you for your response!
    I just tried that, but it still does not work, no link appears on VendorRefFullName column that would link to my inline view...

    Anything else I need to check?


  4. myDBR Team, Key Master

    The syntax looks ok. Make sure you have added the sp_DBR_PurchaseOrderDetails as a myDBR report and that the user has been granted access to it.

    You can also save some work if you add the column titles directly into the select-statement instead using the dbr.column.title-command. The dbr.column.title-command is usually required only if the column is dynamic.

    So instead of:

    select 'dbr.column.title', 'ExpectedDate', 'Expected';
    select 'dbr.column.title', 'RefNumber', 'PO#';
    select 'dbr.column.title', 'VendorRefFullName', 'Vendor'; select ExpectedDate, RefNumber, VendorRefFullName
    from ssn.PurchaseOrder;

    You can use:

    ExpectedDate as 'Expected[exp_date]',
    RefNumber as 'PO#[po]',
    VendorRefFullName as 'Vendor'
    from ssn.PurchaseOrder;

    where exp_date would be the ColumnReference to the column.

    myDBR Team

  5. eugfri, Member

    Thank you again!
    Everything works like a charm now, I did not realize that "details" proc has to be defined as report as well, this is why it was not working.

    And, yes, about column headers - I do you sql for custom header names, I was just trying out dbr.column.title

    I must add - I am very pleased with mydbr. Very good product!

  6. myDBR Team, Key Master

    the "details"-report is a report as any other report. By being a report it has all characteristics of a report (URL, name, permissions etc). For example you can have the linked report to show to some user group while being invisible to others.

    myDBR Team

  7. eugfri, Member

    Yes, I got the principle, it makes sense.


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