Displaying a html field among other non html fields in a report

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  1. KymWade, Member

    I have a report that has several columns and one of the columns contains html data that I wish to display fully rendered. The other columns are just plain text and date columns. Is there a way to use the dbr.html command on just one of the columns? If not is there a way to double click on the cell and have a popup window with the cell data displayed fully rendered?

    Select TextColumn, DateColumn, 'dbr.html', htmlColumn from myDataTable.

    The above example does not work but gives you an idea of what I am thinking needs to be done.The htmlColumn contains html tags that I want rendered correctly when displayed in the standard column report.

    We are running the premium version of myDBR.

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    You can use inline dbr.html-format to include HTML.

    select TextColumn, DateColumn, concat('dbr.html:', htmlColumn)
    from myDataTable

    myDBR Team


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