Adding a row to the header and adding a row to all information therein

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  1. caseyl, Member

    I am trying to take information already contained in the main header area and make it have its own separate row (ex month, month% I would want month on top and month % on bottom. in the same header just a different row if that makes sense.

    Would doing this in turn make the month % contained the the rows of information ALSO make their own second row ? and how would I go about doing this ? Thanks

  2. caseyl, Member

    So if I were to list itens in columns like (column1,column1%,column2,column2%,column3,column3%) and I want it to be (column1,column2,column3
    Splitting a Detail line over two rows instead of over a single row.

  3. myDBR Team, Key Master

    If you want to customize the output, you can use the templates to do so.

    myDBR Team


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