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  1. ajdjackson, Member


    Strange one here.

    I have a simple linked report that contains a popup for drill-down functionality. The report contains a dbr.sum statement. The report runs as should when run directly ie the column sum is shown. However when the report is run a linked the report no sum appears. The rest of the report is correct.

    Also how do I hide the underscore from the link in the master report? I've tried

    select 'dbr.css', 'a.link {text-decoration: none;}'; select 'dbr.css', 'a.hover {text-decoration: underline;}';

    but this doesn't work.

    The linked report code is as follows:

    CREATE PROCEDURE sp_DBR_Grp_Bal_Detail(inCompID int, inNom int, inMon int, inYear int) BEGIN

    declare inEDate date;

    set inEDate = last_day(str_to_Date(concat(inYear,'-',inMon,'-01'),'%Y-%m-01'));

    /*select inCompID, inNom, inMon, inYear, inEDate;*/

    case inCompID

    when 1


    select 'dbr.sum',3; select 'dbr.colstyle','Val','%0.0f';

    select a.Nominal_Code as 'Nominal[Nom]', c.name as 'Description[Desc]', sum(a.amount) as 'Value £[Val]' from hilmark.hilmark_journal a join hilmark.tblhilmark_coa b on a.nominal_code = b.tblhilmark_nominal join hilmark.hilmark_ledger c on a.nominal_code = c.account_ref where b.tblhilmark_coa_ref = inNom and a.Date <= inEDate group by a.Nominal_Code having round(sum(a.amount)) <> 0 order by 2;


    select 'Finished';

    and the code calling this report is:

    select 'dbr.report','sp_DBR_Grp_Bal_Detail','[Val]','inCompID=CompID','inNom=Nom','inMon=(inMonNum)','inYear=(inYearNum)','popup';



  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    There is really no reason for the dbr.sum not to show up in a popup. Please double check your report and check using the JavaScript debugger that you are not hiding the summary row with CSS (likely in main report).

    To hide the undescrore from links use:

    select 'dbr.css', '.cell a {text-decoration: none;}';

    myDBR Team

  3. ajdjackson, Member


    You were right. DOH!

    I have the following in the main report:

    select 'dbr.css', '.summary_level0 {display:hidden}';

    as I wish to hide the grand total in the crosstab un that report.

    I have put the following into the linked report:

    select 'dbr.css', '.summary_level0 {display:block}';

    but this doesn't show the summary again :(

    Any thoughts?

    BTW the select 'dbr.css', '.cell a {text-decoration: none;}'; works great.



  4. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Note that when you apply CSS to a report, the report is one webpage, so any generic CSS you apply, apply to all report elements. A popup report is embedded into the main report which makes it part of the webpage.

    The solution is to be more specific with your CSS. First give the report objject a class with dbr.resultclass:

    select 'dbr.resultclass', 'main_report_object';

    Then you can use CSS which is only for that object:

    select 'dbr.css', '.main_report_object .summary_level0 {display:none}';

    myDBR Team

  5. ajdjackson, Member



    I twigged on to what I needed to do and thankfully it was the same as you suggested.

    What I was aware that the embedded elements were part of the same page.




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